Professional Carpet Cleaners Refresh Old Carpeting Much Better Than DIY Machines

25 July 2023
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If you have a room you usually use to store clutter and you've decided it's time to clean the room out and reclaim the space, you might be wondering what to do about the carpet. The carpet may have mashed fibers, stains, and dirt. Replacing the carpet is an option, as is putting in a different type of flooring. However, if you want to save money, you might call a carpet cleaning company to see if they can restore your carpet with deep cleaning.

You might have the other carpets in your home cleaned at the same time, but if not, you can have a single room cleaned so the carpet looks and smells fresh. Here's why professional carpet cleaners often get better results than using a DIY machine.

A Professional Knows How To Remove Stains

A cluttered room could have any number of stains. Ground-in dirt is the easiest to remove, but your carpet might have stains from products that spilled when clutter shifted. A professional can deal with most types of stains by using the appropriate stain removers before starting the carpet cleaning process. If you want the best chance at removing mystery stains, it's best to use a professional carpet cleaner, but even they may not be able to remove tough old stains from spills completely.

Professional Equipment Cleans Better

Commercial equipment is usually stronger and better at lifting out dirt and fluffing up fibers. If your carpet has been in a cluttered room for a long time, it may still be in pretty good shape due to a lack of foot traffic. However, if boxes and other clutter rested on the carpet, fibers could be smashed and dirt could be compacted in the carpet.

Professional equipment is usually mounted on a truck and has strong suction so it can restore the appearance of flattened fibers and pull out deep dirt. Plus, the equipment is operated by a professional with experience, so they'll probably have better technique than you would if you just clean your carpets occasionally.

Commercial Equipment Extracts Water Better

A major reason to use professional carpet cleaners is the equipment they use can extract water very well. Your carpet should dry quickly once the work is done since so much water is pulled out. DIY machines can leave your carpet so wet that it might begin to smell like mildew before it's dry completely. The last thing you want is a smelly carpet after you clean it, so professional equipment is a better choice.

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