What You Should Know About Using A Mold Remediation Service After Hurricane-Related Flooding

29 December 2020
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If a hurricane has recently brought flooding to your area, then you might need to contact a mold remediation service. These are a few of the main things that you might want to know about using one of these companies.

There Might Be a Delay

There might be a bit of a delay before anyone is able to come out to your home to help with your mold problem. The mold remediation service might not send anyone out until flooding has receded from the roads and conditions have gotten better, for example. Additionally, be aware that a lot of homeowners in your community might be in need of these services after a hurricane has affected the area, so there might be a few callers ahead of you.

You Should Use Their Services as Soon as Possible

Although it's true that there might be a bit of a delay before someone from a mold remediation service can come out to your home, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't call them and try to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Mold will only get worse if it isn't handled promptly. The sooner that you call a mold remediation service, the sooner that someone will probably be able to come out and assist you, even if there is a delay. Therefore, as soon as you realize that there is mold in your home, you should begin searching for and getting in contact with a mold remediation service if possible.

They Might Not Offer All of the Services That You Need

Although mold remediation services are very handy when you're dealing with mold in your home — whether after a hurricane or at any other time — you should know that not all mold remediation services offer the other services that homeowners might need in this situation. You might need to work with a separate water damage restoration service to remove the water from your home and to repair your home and belongings after they have sustained water damage. In many cases, homeowners in this situation work with both a water damage restoration service and a mold remediation service so that they can get their home back to normal.

Your Insurance Policy Might Pay for It

If you're hesitant about contacting a mold remediation service because you aren't really sure of how much it's going to cost, you should check your insurance policy first. There is a chance that your homeowners insurance or flood insurance policy will cover the cost of mold remediation, so make sure that you check into this — and go through the steps to file a claim, if possible — before paying for mold remediation out of pocket.