4 Warning Signs That Your Microwave May Be About To Malfunction

29 July 2020
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If you're like many people, you love the convenience and time-saving properties of having a microwave in your kitchen, and you probably give little thought to the appliance as long as everything is working smoothly. However, microwave malfunctions can hold up dinner when they occur during the process of thawing out frozen food items, and it can be annoying when you're looking forward to a quick cup of tea and your appliance fails to properly heat the water. Fortunately, there are signs that help you identify upcoming possible microwave breakdowns. The following are four signs that your microwave may need professional attention from a skilled team member of local appliance maintenance services

Food and Beverages Aren't Heating Up Properly

If your microwave seems to be taking its time heating food and beverage items, this may be a sign that its power is decreasing for some reason. Causes may range from faulty cords to issues with the appliance's element. 

The Keypad Fails to Work

If the keypad stops working the way it normally does, the issue may be something as simple as the area just needing a good cleaning, so try this first before calling an appliance maintenance service. If it still doesn't work properly after it's been thoroughly clean, this is likely a sign of more serious problems. 

You Smell Something Burning

A burning odor coming from your microwave indicates possible serious problems with the appliance, but it's important to troubleshoot the situation because there are several simple answers. If someone has used a container that isn't microwave-safe to heat food or liquid, that could possibly result in the container being burned. It's also possible to burn starchy food in the microwave if they're put in for too long of a time.

Your Microwave Starts Making Unusual Noises  

The most common reason for strange noises suddenly coming from a microwave is extremely benign — the turntable has come off its supports. However, if this doesn't turn out to be the problem, it's possible that the appliance is experiencing internal mechanical issues. It could be something as simple as a loose fan, but it could also signify a serious problem with the motor.  Most appliance maintenance experts agree that minor problems with microwaves are usually very fixable, but more serious issues probably are best solved by replacing the appliance. This is particularly true with microwaves that are 10 years old or older.