Ready for Restoration? A Fire Damage Inspection Guide

22 June 2020
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When a fire has damaged your home, there are a lot of repairs that need to be done. Before you can begin the process of restoration, you need to assess the damage. There will be repairs that need to be done to the structure and mechanical systems.

Inspecting the fire damage will help identify problems with the design of your home. The inspection can be used for improvements to prevent future damage. Inspecting the fire damage will help you with the essential repairs. The following fire inspection guide will help you get your home ready for restorations:

  • Locating the Cause of the Fire—The first thing that needs to be done is determining where the fire started. Finding the cause of the fire will help you start the repairs. This area is going to need the most repairs as it probably sustained the most damage. If the fire was due to an accident in the kitchen, you might want to consider installing a fire suppression system. If the damage is due to mechanical problems, repairs and upgrades will be needed to prevent future damage.
  • Checking Mechanical Systems—The mechanical systems in your home can easily be damaged by heat. Therefore, it is essential to the safety of your home to have electrical wiring and other mechanical systems inspected for fire damage. The mechanical systems need to be updated and safe to prevent future fire hazards and damage to your home.
  • Identify Structural Problems that Need Repairs—Fire can damage the entire structure of a home. Often, the structural problems are due to components of the building being weakened. Therefore, it is important to have a structural inspection done. Inspecting the structure will tell you the structural repairs that you need to have done when doing fire damage restoration.
  • Final Inspection of Repairs to Move Back In—Once the repairs have been completed, you will be ready to move back into your home. Before moving in, though, you want to have a final inspection done. Inspecting your home again will help ensure that all the fire damage restorations have been done correctly, and it is now safe to move back into your home.

These are some of the essential facts you need to know about fire inspection when doing fire damage restoration. When you are dealing with extensive damage due to a fire, contact a fire damage repair service for help with repairs and restorations.