Three Tips For Water Damage Restoration In Your Home

9 June 2020
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Water is a force of nature all its own. It gives life but it can also be destructive quickly when it causes problems to your home. Carpets, walls, plumbing, and foundations can be damaged beyond repair if you're casual with water damage restoration. If you're all about a beautiful home with the kids and the picket fence, you shouldn't let water damage ruin that dream. Here is how to make sure that doesn't happen.

1. Treat water damage restoration like the emergency that it is

Water damage work is an emergency even if it's a minor case. It only takes days for sitting water to turn into mold or to begin cracking flooring and eroding furniture. Water damage restoration agents will take some video footage of all of the damage and run tests to see what work should be done. You can take some video of your own as well to get more accurate quotes and to start the insurance claims process. Flood cleanup and pipe bursts are some of the biggest incidents that can damage your house. Waiting really long to call water damage help will create problems.

2. Handle insurance claims and call in water damage restoration help

A lot of home insurance claims happen every year due to water damage. An estimated 18% of insurance claims happen because of pipe bursts in the winter. These claims are just as usual in the summer because of hurricanes and tropical storms. As soon as you spot the water damage problem, you should call the insurance company right away. The insurance provider will also give you a list of water damage companies within their network that can restore your home.

3. Get the post-cleanup so that the carpets, flooring, and walls look and smell wonderful

The cleanup part of the water damage remediation process is sometimes the most expensive. Walls, flooring, and furniture can all get badly damaged. Specialists can charge $1,000-$3,800 to strip water damage that might create total losses. Take inventory of any furniture that gets damaged when water damage happens. Replacing your belongings is just as important as getting your place cleaned up, and you'll need to see which can be replaced and which need to be cleaned. Get mold remediation so that you don't put yourself at risk for health problems also.

Water damage cleanup services will be a big task, but a professional can help you.