Heavy Rains And Damage To Your Home: The Homeowner's Guide To Water Damage Cleanup After Severe Weather

8 May 2020
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Storms can cause a lot of damage to your home, but flooding and other problems with water only get worse if you wait to begin cleaning up. Therefore, you need to know how to deal with water damage problems quickly and safely. The following guide will help you begin cleaning up quickly after severe weather has caused water damage to your home:

Assess The Damage And The Hazards Before You Begin Cleaning The Watery Mess

The first thing that you will want to do when your home has been damaged is to assess the damage that the water has caused. Before you begin assessing damage and cleaning up though, you want to make sure the utilities are turned off and wear proper safety gear to avoid hazards.

Be Aware Of Contamination In The Water That Can Cause Hazards And Damage Materials

When your home is flooded or water gets in, this can often bring contamination into your home. This contamination can be raw sewage, chemicals, or mold growth that has begun. Therefore, you want to be aware of these hazards and take the proper safety measures to avoid contact with any contamination. It is usually best to hire a professional to help with the water damage cleanup if your home has been contaminated.

Make Sure To Demolish The Materials That You Will Not Be Able To Save When Cleaning Up Water Damage

There are also a lot of materials that will require demolition when your home has been flooded or had other water problems. You want to make sure to remove the materials that cause mold growth and absorb contamination like raw sewage. These materials include things like drywall and carpet, and they should be removed while cleaning up.

Dry Everything Out And Make Sure There Is Not Any Moisture Or Mold That Can Cause Problems

Once the water has been removed with any seriously damaged materials, start drying your home out. You want to get as much of the moisture out as possible before you begin rebuilding. In addition, it may be a good idea to have mold testing done before the work to your home is finished.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to begin dealing with water damage and getting things cleaned up quickly. If recent weather has caused water to get into your home, contact a water damage cleanup service to start getting things cleaned right away.