4 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair And Troubleshooting Tips To Keep Your Equipment Up And Running When You Need It Most

24 March 2020
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If you rely on equipment for getting daily workloads done, the hydraulic systems are an important part of these systems. These systems can have problems with the cylinders that allow the hydraulics to provide the force needed to get work done. Therefore, you want to identify problems and repair cylinders when there is a problem to prevent costly damage to equipment. The following tips will help with the hydraulic cylinder repairs and troubleshooting problems before they get worse:

1. Routine Inspections Will Help You Catch Minor Leaks and Blown Seals That Need Repairs

The routine inspections that you do for your hydraulic systems can be a great way to catch problems before they turn into costly repairs. You want to inspect your equipment for problems like leaking hydraulic systems that have blown or worn seals that need to be replaced before the problems damage cylinders.

2. Replacing the Parts of Hydraulic Cylinders That Often Wear Out and Can Cause Serious Damage

The parts of hydraulic cylinders that often wear out include seals, bushings, and other moving parts. You will want to make sure to check these parts regularly. If they look damaged or worn, you will want to replace them before they cause serious damage to the cylinder that can cause you to need to have it rebuilt or replaced.

3. Rebuilding Hydraulic Cylinders That Have a Lot of Hours and Need to Be Repaired Before They Break

Even with good maintenance and routine repairs, hydraulic cylinders wear out due to hours of use. Sometimes, if the cylinder has not been damaged too much, it can be rebuilt and reused for many more hours of hard work. You can get a kit to rebuild the cylinder on your own, or you can have a hydraulic service do the work for you.

4. Replacing Hydraulic Cylinders That May Be Difficult to Rebuild or Find Parts for When You Need Repairs

Lastly, when there is extreme damage to the hydraulic cylinder like a broken piston, brackets, and other components, it may not be worth paying to have it rebuilt. Therefore, you may need to have the cylinder replaced when it is damaged. This can also be due to the parts to rebuild the cylinder not being available. You can talk to a hydraulic repair service about trying to rebuild the cylinder or finding a replacement that will work with your equipment.

These are some tips that will help you with troubleshooting and repairing problems with your hydraulic cylinders. If you need help with repairs, contact a hydraulic cylinder repair company, such as HyVal Industries Inc.