Run A Medical Office? How To Ensure Safe Handling And Storage Of Your Med Gas Tanks

9 January 2020
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If the staff in your office handles med gas on a regular basis, it's crucial that you train them on proper safety protocol. Med gas can pose a serious safety risk if not handled properly. Here are four tips that will help you and your medical staff avoid risks when storing and using med gas tanks. 

Ensure Secure Storage

When it comes to maintaining med gas on your premises, it's important that you ensure secure storage practices. This includes both inside and outside storage facilities. First, med gas tanks should be secured in place when in storage. This can be accomplished by placing a chain across the tanks. However, if your office is located in a region that experiences earthquakes, you should always use at least two chains to ensure secure storage. For outside storage, tanks should be secured in a locked enclosure. Be sure that the enclosure provides coverage to protect against sun exposure. 

Keep Your Tanks Separated

If you'll be storing med gas at your medical facility, be sure that you keep the tanks separated. Med gas tanks should be separated by the types of gas that the tanks contain. However, tanks should also be separated by level of contents. For instance, empty tanks should never be stored with full tanks. It's also important that you confirm that all your tanks are clearly labeled before placing them into storage.

Take Care When Moving Tanks

If your staff will be moving med gas tanks from one location to the next, be sure they receive proper training. When moving med gas tanks, they should never be dragged or pushed across the floor. Instead, they should be placed on a special tank cart for transport. Once on the cart, your tanks should be secured into place before moving. It's also important that your staff ensure that all tank caps are in place prior to moving.

Follow Proper Handling Procedures

Finally, before your staff begins using the med gas tanks, it's important that they understand and follow proper handling procedures. Failure to handle med gas tanks properly could result in serious accidents and injuries. First, your staff should always ensure that the proper regulators are used for each tank. Second, ensure that the proper tools are used for opening and closing the tank valves. Finally, ensure that fire extinguishers are present wherever med gas tanks are in use. 

Don't take chances with your med gas. Use the tips provided here to ensure safety whenever med gas tanks are used on your premises.