What Happens During Emergency Water Intrusion Restoration?

2 August 2021
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Has your home or business suffered flooding or a burst pipe? You need emergency water intrusion restoration to avoid more damage by the pooled water. Restoration eliminates the risks of mold growth, which is harmful to people's health. It also limits the damage standing water can do to the building's structural integrity. It is crucial to call 24/7 water damage restoration services as soon as the storm ends or you turn off the burst pipe. Read More 

3 Reasons To Sign Up For A Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan

11 May 2021
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As an owner of a commercial building, it is important to keep the roof in good shape. Keeping the roof in good shape can help you keep your entire building in good condition. That is why it is wise to sign up for a commercial roofing maintenance plan with a respected roofing company in your area. 1. Maintain the Warranty on Your Roof When you have your commercial roof installed, it comes with a warranty. Read More 

Why Vacuum Cleaners Make Weird Sounds Or Smells

26 April 2021
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Many times when an appliance, such as a vacuum cleaner, goes bad, the first symptom is one that you hear or smell rather than one you see. Paying attention to any smells or sounds that your vacuum cleaner makes can help you detect when it's struggling and know when to bring it in for repairs. Here are a few of the reasons why your vacuum cleaner could start making an odd sound or smell: – Read More 

Roof Flashing Leaks and Their Potential Causes

19 April 2021
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Most people think of holes in roofing material as the cause of leaks. While the main roofing material used (metal, tile, and so on) is the location of many potential entrances for water into the home, the flashing is another spot that can let water in if something goes wrong. In fact, flashing is one of the things roofers need to check whenever there's a leak reported because the strips of flashing are typically put on parts of the roof that are prone to leaks, like where a chimney meets the roof. Read More 

Five Not-So-Obvious Signs of Foundation Damage

7 April 2021
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Foundation damage isn't always as obvious as gaping cracks or a flooded basement. It's important to know the less obvious symptoms so you can catch problems early. 1. Exterior Trim Gaps When walking around the exterior of your home, does it look like the trim along the top of the siding or around windows and doors isn't quite lining up? Sometimes gaps may indicate an issue with the trim or siding installation, but not always. Read More