Why Vacuum Cleaners Make Weird Sounds Or Smells

26 April 2021
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Many times when an appliance, such as a vacuum cleaner, goes bad, the first symptom is one that you hear or smell rather than one you see. Paying attention to any smells or sounds that your vacuum cleaner makes can help you detect when it's struggling and know when to bring it in for repairs.

Here are a few of the reasons why your vacuum cleaner could start making an odd sound or smell: –

1. Clogs and Debris

A vacuum cleaner's job is to suck up debris, but in many cases, that debris can get stuck somewhere along the line and cause problems. For instance, debris can sometimes get caught in the hose and cause interesting sounds such as rattling. Debris can also get caught on the roller, causing a burned-rubber smell as the belt heats up.

Other types of debris pileups that could cause issues include an overfilled bag or canister, a clogged air filter, or debris in the motor. For example, an overfilled bag or canister could cause the entire machine to clog up – which can cause it to sound different and maybe even overheat – which can cause smells as it has to work harder to try and pull air and dust in.

2. Motor Problems

A burned-out motor can also cause a burning smell and odd sounds as well. For instance, a motor bearing that's going bad can make a screeching sound. Either abnormal sounds or abnormal smells could be traced back to the motor in some cases. You won't want to attempt motor fixes on your own; they can be complicated, so it's best to get professional repairs.

3. Belt Damage

A vacuum cleaner's drive belt can cause odd sounds and smells on its own, in addition to heating up when the vacuum cleaner is clogged. The belt is under tension, so it can stretch out over time. When this happens, the belt may start slipping, which could make the vacuum cleaner sound different and clean less reliably.

The belt could also break from excess tension or age, or it could slip out of its designated track due to stretching. Your vacuum cleaner dealer can provide a replacement belt if your vacuum experiences any of these issues.

These are just a few of the reasons why your vacuum cleaner could be emitting a strange sound, smell, or both. When you hear or smell something strange, you should unplug the vacuum and check for blockages first. If the source of the issue isn't immediately evident, you'll want to take your vacuum cleaner in for repairs.

For more information, contact a company who offers vacuum cleaner repairs near you.