Preventing Water Heater Problems From Disrupting Your Business

19 March 2021
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A commercial quality water heating system can be an important appliance for your business as it will ensure that you have enough hot water for the needs of your workers and customers. Often, the problems that these systems can experience can be anticipated by the business to reduce the risk of them causing significant problems or damage.

Large Amounts of Water Leaking Out

A commercial water heater is likely to be a very high capacity system that is capable of warming very large amounts of water in a relatively short time. As a result, if a leak were to develop, it would be able to spill very large amounts of water before it can be found and stopped. Faulty seals and punctures are the issues that are the most likely to create major leaks. While you may not be able to fully anticipate this hazard, you can minimize the damages that can occur if you are having your staff check the area around the water heater.

Slow Reheating Process

A business will require its water heater to rapidly warm water that can be used in your commercial activities. If your water heater is starting to warm water more slowly, several possible problems could be contributing to this problem. The most likely issue will be a malfunctioning burner or a damaged heating element, but this problem could also result from the demand on the hot water being too great. This will prevent the water from having enough time to be sufficiently warmed by a standard water heater. In situations where this is the problem you are experiencing, it could indicate a need to invest in upgrading to a higher capacity standard water heater or making the switch to a tankless system.

Increasing Energy Costs

A commercial water heater may be among the most energy-intensive appliances that are in your business. This can lead to performance problems with the system causing your building's energy costs to substantially increase. This is a problem that can continue to worsen until the system finally reaches the point where it suffers a complete breakdown. Unfortunately, businesses will often fail to adequately monitor the energy demands of their major appliances, and this can lead to this problem being more difficult to notice.

Once you notice that the energy costs for your system are increasing each month, contacting a repair professional to visit your business can help you to avoid overpaying for these expenses and potential hot water disruption.

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