Yacht Repairs To Get Ready For Sailing Next Spring And Summer

12 November 2020
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During the winter months, you may have your yacht in drydock storage. This is when maintenance needs to be done, but your vessel may need more than minor repairs. Therefore, you want to complete restorations before sailing next summer. The following repairs and improvements will help you renovate your yacht before sailing in spring:

Refinishing the Hull

The hull of your yacht is the first area where you will want to plan repairs. When your vessel is drydocked, this is a great time to inspect, repair, and refinish the hull. This can also be an opportunity to improve the finish with solutions such as:

  • Repairing and priming the hull to prepare for a new finish
  • Custom painted finishes with coatings designed to withstand marine environments
  • Special vinyl coatings that provide an extra layer of protection for the hull

These are the improvements that can be made to the hull of your yacht while it is drydocked. This is one of the most important restoration jobs if you are planning on sailing for long distances next year.

Overhauling Engines

The engines of your yacht are also important and need to be repaired before you start a voyage. The engines need to be reliable and have all the routine maintenance done to them. If the engine is older, it will need a complete overhaul. Some of the work that may need to be done for an engine overhaul includes:

  • Changing all the fluids and inspecting for problems
  • Rebuilding engine parts that are worn or damaged
  • Upgrading equipment like computer control units

This work needs to be done to overhaul engines to ensure they are reliable before setting sail. You will want to talk to the restoration service about the best solution for your yacht. They may recommend installing a refurbished engine if the original equipment can't be repaired.  

Redesigning the Interior Yacht Finishes

In addition to the mechanical upgrades, you will also want to refinish the interior. You want to consider upgrading the finishes with modern materials and designs. Some of the features that you may want for the interior of your yacht include:

  • Installing modern mechanicals and communication equipment
  • Giving the interior of your yacht a more contemporary custom design
  • Installing finishes and cabinets that are more secure while sailing

These are features that will complete the renovations to your yacht. Once the interior finishes have been installed, you will be ready to set sail next spring or summer.

These things will help you renovate your yacht to get it ready for sailing next spring and summer. Call a yacht repair service and talk to them about getting these restorations done before you get ready to sail again.