Have Crumbling Brick On Your Exterior? What You Can Do To Restore It

12 August 2020
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If you live in an old house then you may have had to fix a fair share of things including parts of your exterior. While brick used to be one of the only products used on the exteriors of homes because of its durability, if you live in a brick home that was built in the early 1900s then you may run into issues with it. Sometimes when you live in an older house it can start to settle into the soil beneath it which can lead to a variety of issues like a cracked foundation or even crumbling brick. While a foundation expert can help you fix those cracks, you may wonder what you can do about crumbling bricks. 

Call a Stonework Services Company

If you don't feel like tackling the project on your own, then you should reach out to a stonework services company. One of these companies will come out to your house, assess the damage, and then get started fixing it. Typically, the repair process involves the following: 

  • Determining the problem: Typically, crumbling brick can come from issues including settling soil and even water damage. If there is severe water damage around the foundation, it can lead to water decreasing the strength of the mortar and causing the bricks to crumble. 
  • Having the problem fixed: Once the source of the problem has been determined, your stonework services company can help you fix the issue or point you in the direction of someone who can. 
  • Removing old brick: After the underlying issue has been resolved, the company will start by removing the crumbling and damaged bricks. 
  • Replacing the bricks: Once the original crumbling bricks have been removed, it's time to have them replaced. Depending on the age of your house, they may have to special order the bricks in for you so they match the rest of your house. Once they have the bricks, they will begin to lay them while adding some structural support behind them if they need to with a variety of different things including wood supports or even steel supports. 

Have it Resurfaced With a New Material

If you have a lot of crumbling brick and it's too hard or expensive to fix, then you may want to have the exterior of your house completely resurfaced with a different material like siding or stucco; both of which can be great alternatives to traditional brick 

To learn more about stonework services, reach out to a local professional today.