Repairing Common 4 Types of Carpet Damage

20 May 2020
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Carpet can provide your home with a luxurious flooring material option. However, carpet can be among the types of flooring that will be the most vulnerable to suffering damage. Unfortunately, homeowners are often unequipped to address the types of damage that are the most common for carpeting.

1. Stains

Staining is easily among the most common and visible types of damage that carpeting will suffer. While individuals often assume that staining will always be the result of spilling substances on the carpet, this can also occur as a result of soil getting worked into the fabric of the carpet. Regardless of the source of the staining, it will often be necessary to have the carpet professionally treated if you are to remove deep stains once they have formed on the carpet.

2. Small Tears

Small rips and tears in the carpet can be another common type of damage to encounter. While it may seem like this will be impossible to repair without fully replacing the carpet, it will usually be possible to patch rips and tears as long as they are fairly small in size. Unfortunately, Berber carpet (loop pile carpeting) can be difficult to patch due to the way that its fibers are interwoven, but most other types of carpeting can be easily patched.

3. Large Holes

Unfortunately, if a hole gets too large, patching it may no longer be an option. While it may be possible to install a patch, it will be more likely to fail as a result of routine use. If your carpeting has developed a large hole in it, a complete replacement may be the only option available for effectively repairing this damage. Due to the higher costs and labor involved with replacing the carpet, repairing small rips and tears should always be repaired before they have a chance to dramatically grow in size.

4. Pulling Away From The Floor

Over time, it can be possible for your carpet to start to pull away from the flooring. As a result of this problem, you may find that the carpet along the walls is starting to pull away or that there are large areas of loose carpeting in the middle of a room. Generally, this problem will indicate that the home's carpeting is nearing the end of its lifespan, but it could also be caused by water damage. If you find that water damage has occurred, the underlying cause of the water damage will have to be addressed before the carpet can be repaired. Otherwise, the moisture issues will simply lead to the problem returning.

If you're running into these issues, consider working with carpet repair services to address the issue.