What To Do If You Find Mold In Your Home

6 May 2020
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Mold in your home is a scary situation because, at a glance, most people do not know what is dangerous and what is not. The reality is that no mold is healthy to have growing in your home, but some molds can pose serious health concerns to people and need to be removed immediately.

Inspecting the Home

If you suspect you have a mold problem in your home, the first thing you need to do is have the home inspected by a mold removal expert or a home inspector that is trained to recognize dangerous molds. The contractor or inspector needs to check the entire house so nothing gets missed when it comes time to remove the mold. 

The inspector will make a note of where they are finding mold and the type of mold they found. The report can then go to the residential mold removal service that will come and remove the mold from the property. If the inspection is not done correctly, some mold could get missed during the removal, and the problem will persist in the home. 

Mold Remediation Contractors

Removing mold from your home requires an expert that knows how to handle residential mold removal correctly. It is critical that removing the mold is done in a way that does not cause it to spread through the home or into the air. The residential mold removal contractor will likely close off a section of the house, or if the problem is extensive, they will ask you to vacate the property while the removal is underway. 

There are health and safety concerns that require the technicians involved in the removal to wear protective clothing and equipment while they are working and regulations that outline the disposal of the material once it is removed from the property. Your contractor will know what the regulations are and how to handle the entire job from start to finish. 

Removing the Mold

The residential mold removal contractor will bring a crew to your home and seal off areas of the house where they are working. As they remove mold from the home, the contractor will spray the areas where the mold was growing with a moldicide that is specific to the type of mold found in the home. 

The chemicals will target the mold and kill anything that is remaining in cracks and crevices and will prevent the mold from growing back later. Talk to the contractor about the products they will use, but most of the modern moldicides are engineered to be safe for use in your home and around your pets. Once all the material is removed and the house treated, you can move back into the home that is safer for you, your family, and your pets.