Outdoor Maintenance Tasks to Help You Prepare Your Yard for Spring

23 March 2020
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Your home and keeping up its maintenance are big responsibilities to you as a property owner. During winter, the weather conditions can put extra wear and tear on your home that you should clean up and maintain before spring. Springtime is also a good time to complete spring cleaning to your home's outside areas, which will also help its appearance and keep up its value.

Here are some outdoor maintenance and cleaning tasks you can do yourself or hire to get your home exterior and yard ready for spring.

1. Gutter Cleaning

An area on your home that receives a lot of debris and clutter during the fall and winter is your roof and gutters. The gutters on your roof are essential for allowing rainwater to drain appropriately off and away from your home. Without a well-working gutter system that is free of debris and leaves, the soil around the exterior of your home will become saturated and eroded by rainfall. This can also lead to interior leaks through your foundation wall where the drywall, carpeting, and furnishings inside your home will become damaged.

You can hire home exterior maintenance services to clean out your gutters and make sure they are working as they should be. As your gutters collect rainfall from your roof, leaves, twigs, and other debris collect into them and eventually create a thick layer that clogs them from flowing freely. Your maintenance professional can remove the thick layer with a gutter cleaning tool or a power washer. They can also inspect your gutters to make sure they drain properly and contain no holes, cracks, or sagging sections that will lead to gutter leaks.

2. Power Wash Exterior Areas

The outside of your home can collect a layer of dirt, bug and bird droppings, and residue from winter weather. The exterior siding of your home, your outside decking, and patios can all have a winter residue along with ice melt chemicals left behind from snow management. You can clean all these things off with a power washer and the right cleaning solution. 

Don't worry about your surfaces sustaining damage from a high powered stream of water because there are different power washer tips to direct the water in a variety of pressures. For example, for your wood deck, you will need a softer pressure anywhere from 500 to 600 psi with a 25-degree nozzle that won't gouge the wood's surface and remove the sealant. Concrete, on the other hand, can use a high power spray (or a zero-degree nozzle tip), which will remove stains and residues.